Mussorie- Best places to visit in Mussoorie

One of the most popular hill stations, Mussoorie is located in the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand, 290 km from Delhi. Set against the backdrop of the Himalayan Shivalik Mountains and the Doon Valley, Mussoorie also known as the Queen of the Hills, sits at an altitude of 7,000 feet above sea level. Mussoorie was once the summer capital of England, with a cool and pleasant climate all year round.

British remnants can be seen in the quaint architecture of the city’s hotels and churches. One of Mussoorie’s most popular tourist attractions is The Mall (also known as Mall Road). A gently sloping boulevard lined with restaurants and other shops along its length. From the tiny homes that dot the area to the streetlight architecture, The Mall has a unique colonial feel. Another big highlight of Mussoorie is the cable car to Gun Hill. Gun Hill is Mussoorie’s second-highest mountain and tourists can climb it by cable car for mesmerizing views of the entire city and the surrounding Himalayas. There are many places to visit in Mussoorie best places to visit in mussoorieNeighboring Randall’s Little Hill Station, along with Mussoorie, Barlowganj, and Jalipani, form the greater Mussoorie. With its many waterfalls, the nearby town of Danothi, and the ruins of colonial architecture, Mussoorie has everything for a memorable holiday.


1. Kempty Falls, Mussoorie

No trip to Mussoorie is complete without visiting the famous Kempty Falls of Mussoorie. The place was created by a British officer in the 1830s to host tea ceremonies and has since become a popular Mussoorie attraction, especially for picnics.

 These waterfalls cascade from a height of about 1,364 meters and offer spectacular views of the surrounding valleys. Take a dip in the waterfall pool, click photos, or sit by the waterfall and enjoy Garma Garam Maggi with Kadak Chai.

Location: Ramgaon, Tehri Garhwal District

Business hours: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Entrance Fee: Free (cable car from 120 rupees separately)

2. Lal Tibba, Mussoorie

Located at the top of Randall’s Depot Hill, Lal Tivah is one of the highest observation decks in Mussoorie. At an altitude of 2,275 meters, just 6 kilometers from the city center, the views from here are a guess. This viewpoint’s name means ‘red hills’, a direct reference to the colors of the sky seen from here at sunrise and sunset.

On a clear day, you can see Bandarpanch, Kedarnath, Badrinath, and other mountains from this vantage point. Lal Tiba is equipped with a telescope so you can enjoy its beauty up close. Location: Bazar Road, Randall, Mussoorie

Business hours: 6:00 am to 6:00 pm

Entrance Fee: 50 INR

3. Gun Hill Point, Mussoorie

Mussoorie’s second-highest mountain, Gun Hill Point, is one of the region’s most popular viewpoints. The viewpoint is 1.1 miles (1.7 km) from Mall Road and is reached after a 20-minute uphill climb. From here you can enjoy his 360-degree views of the city and other parts of the Doon Valley, as well as views of Banderpanch, Srikantha, Gangotri, and Pithwara in the Himalayas.

 Location: Mall Road, land our, Mussoorie

Business hours: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Admission fee: Free

4. Company Garden, Mussoorie

Located about 3.2 miles from Mall Road, Mussoorie’s Company Gardens is the perfect place to spend quality time with family and friends. The entire plan for this garden was created by Dr. Managed by H. Fackner and maintained by the Garden Welfare Society of Mussoorie.

As you stroll through the gardens, you’ll find beautiful fountains, lush greenery, colorful birds, and different types of flowers. Take a boat ride on the man-made lake if you feel like it.

 Location: Bazar Road, Randall, Mussoorie.

Business hours: 9:00 am to 8:00 pm

Entrance fee: 25 INR

5. Cloud’s End, Mussoorie

If you’re looking for solitude on your next trip to Mussoorie, Cloud’s End is for you. Located 6 km from Library Road, surrounded by lush deodar and oak forests, this scenic spot marks the geographical edge of the mountain town. Hike along Hatipaon Road from Happy Valley to reach Clouds End.

Not only does this spot offer stunning views all day long, but it also offers the most surreal backdrops for watching the sun rise or set in the deep blue sky. It’s a popular spot for photographers, so you might be able to take Instagrammable shots here. Location: Hatipaon District, Mussoorie

Hours: N/A

Entrance Fee: 50 INR

6. Jharipani Falls, Mussoorie

About 7 km from Mussoorie town center, the picturesque village of Jaripani is home to the stunning Jaripani Falls. Its charm lies in its hidden location, unaffected by the flow of tourists. You can spend hours enjoying the beauty of the waterfalls, clicking good photos or simply enjoying the surrounding scenery of the waterfalls including the Shivalik Mountains.

Rare flowers also bloom on the premises. The route to the falls is easy and easily accessible by car. However, at one point you have to hike about 1.5 km to reach the waterfall.

Location: Dehradun – Mussoorie Road

Opening hours: open all-day

Admission fee: Free

7.Lake Mussoorie, Mussoorie

Lake Mussoorie is a man-made lake, but it is one of the most beautiful spots in the city. Recently, it has become a popular tourist spot. In addition to boat trips on the lake, you can also try water zorbing and ziplining here. Oh yes, you can also enjoy paragliding right on the lake.

There are some small souvenir shops, restaurants, and haunted houses near the lake. After enjoying the lake, enjoy a delicious lunch and shopping. Location: Dhobi Ghat, Mussoorie

Business hours: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

Entrance fee: INR 15 (additional charges apply for other activities)

8. Sir George Everest’s House, Mussoorie

Located 6 km from Gandhi Chowk in Mussoorie, George His Lord Everest House was built in the 1832 year. Known as the Park Estate, it was once the home, laboratory, and observatory of Sir George Everest. From surveying the highest mountains to measuring the distances between the northern mountains, Lord Everest did everything from this spot.

Visit his observatory to get insightful information about his life and work. The views from the top of the mountain, with its historic buildings, are breathtaking, especially when it’s covered in fog. Even if history doesn’t interest you, the scenery certainly does.

Location: Haniji Nagar

Hours: N/A

Entrance fee: None

9. Camels Back Road, Mussoorie

Another of Mussoorie’s tourist attractions, Camel’s Back Road, is a great attraction for those who enjoy walks, views, and pleasant weather amid nature. The 3-kilometer-long trail gets its name from its resemblance to a camel’s hump and is best visited in the morning and evening.

Location: Mall Road

Time: all-day

Entrance fee: None

10. Mussoorie Library Bazaar

If you like shopping in small and cozy shops, visit the Library Bazaar. Located in the heart of Hill Station, the bazaar is filled with shops selling handmade fabrics, silver jewelry, local sweets and delicacies, and cafes serving freshly brewed coffee and tea.

Location: Mall Road

Time: all-day

Entrance fee: None

11. Mist Lake, Mussoorie

One of Mussoorie’s scenic spots is Mist Lake. There is a boat launch on the lake and boats can be rented for a reasonable fee. The location is on the way to Kempty Falls and tends to be crowded on weekends. Location: Kempty Fall Road

Time: all-day

Entrance fee: None

12. Snow Adventure Zone, Mussoorie

For the daredevil, check out Snow Adventure Zone, a state-approved adventure park. Its quiet location offers ziplining, canyon traversing, and adventure activities.

Location: Blanchekanda

Business hours: 9:30 am to 7:00 pm

Admission Fee: Free admission. Activities are paid

How to get to Mussoorie?

Mussoorie is connected by air, rail, and road to all major Indian cities via Dehradun. Mussoorie’s nearest airport is Dehradun’s Jolly Grant International Airport, about 60 km away, with regular flights to all major cities via Delhi. The nearest train station to Mussoorie is Dehradun Railway Station, located in the city of Dehradun, about 68 km away. Mussoorie has good access to Delhi and nearby hills via the Mussoorie-Chamba highway.

How to travel From Dehradun to Mussoorie– Distance by road

Distance between Dehradun to Mussoorie is just about 35 km and the journey from Dehradun to Mausuri is so beautiful that words cannot describe it, and it takes only one and a half hours to reach Mussoorie from Dehradun and within this time you will be amazed that everything from your road to the outside weather has changed and you will be mesmerized by the beauty of Mussoorie.

Located at an altitude of 1950 meters, Mussoorie is known as the Queen of the Hills and is visited by many celebrities. Getting from Dehradun to Mussoorie is very easy. A few days ago I drove from Dehradun to Mussoorie while visiting Kedarnath with my family. I wanted to know how cheap it would be to get from Dehradun to Mussoorie, but I found out that you can get from Dehradun to Mussoorie by taxi, shared taxi, or bus. However, the cheapest way to get to Mussoorie from Dehradun is by bus. Buses will get you to Mussoorie in just 1.5 hours. Distance from Dehradun to Mussoorie by Bus

I came to Dehradun from Rishikesh with my family and the bus dropped us off at Dehradun’s Lispana Pur bus station and from there we took Toto. There is a bus stop in Mussoorie in front of Dehradun station. From there you can take a bus or taxi to Mussoorie.

When I went there, the bus to Mussoorie was stopped and there were many taxis. From there we booked a bus to Mussoorie, but the bus ticket was only 100 rupees per ticket. Most people go to Mussoorie by bus because it is very cheap and easy to get there. The bus was not very big, about 50 seats per bus. This is because more large buses will make driving through the hills of Mussoorie difficult. There the bus was a little full so we didn’t have to wait long but soon the bus crossed the small streets of Dehradun and climbed up the hilly roads of Mussoorie with beautiful mountain views. We know how to get from Dehradun to Mussoorie by bus. But otherwise, it’s an easy taxi ride.

Dehradun to Mussoorie Distance by Taxi:

In front of Dehradun station is Mussoorie Bus Station where buses and taxis depart. However, these taxis cannot be boarded with a single fare. You have to pay the full fare, book the full fare and booking a taxi costs 2000 rupees. If traveling with family, it is recommended to book a taxi to Mussoorie. I have been to Mussoorie twice and once booked a full taxi to Mussoorie with my family. And had to pay taxi fare 2000 rupees. if you want choose cheaper travel option you can take Dehradun to Mussoorie bus.

The journey time by taxi is approximately 1 hour. Mussoorie is higher than Dehradun and much cooler than Dehradun. If you take a taxi to Mussoorie, the taxi will go straight up the hill left and right. And the weather changes dramatically with altitude. The same can be said for you.

And as you drive up, you see the houses getting smaller and smaller. It will be very cold by the time you arrive in Mussoorie, so be sure to bring warm clothes. Taxis have the advantage of being able to park in the middle of the road, but buses don’t allow you to stand in the middle of the road and enjoy the scenery.

From Dehradun to Mussoorie by Shared Taxi:

If you prefer, you can also take a shared taxi from Dehradun to Mussoorie. If you are traveling alone, you can book a taxi to Mussoorie for a few rupees, so a shared taxi is recommended. 400 rupees for 6 people.

For reference, I mentioned this shared taxi. In my opinion, the bus is the number one option for visiting Mussoorie if you are traveling alone. It will be much cheaper and arrive sooner.

How to get to Mussoorie by plane?

The nearest airport to Mussoorie is Jolly Grant Airport, about 60 km away in Dehradun on the Rishikesh-Dehradun State Road. It is connected to all major cities in India via New Delhi. The closest international airport to Mussoorie is Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport. Once you arrive at Dehradun Airport, you can hire a taxi to reach Mussoorie, just 30 kilometers from Dehradun. Uttarakhand Road Transport Authority buses are also available at the airport gate.

There are four main bus stops in Mussoorie:

  • library bus stop
  • Teri bus stop
  • masonic bus stop
  • Kempty Bus Station (operates from May to October only)

 Private tour operators and Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam (GMVN) operate tours from Kempty Bus Station.

Reasons to Visit Mussoorie:

That’s the most important question. Why visit Mussoorie? Mussoorie is one of India’s most popular hill stations her and Mussoorie is so beautiful that it is called the Queen of the Hills. There are very nice mountains around, very nice houses, and the people here are very kind. Mussoorie has a lot of interesting places and you can find very nice hotels at very affordable prices. We arrived in Mussoorie around noon. And we were mesmerized by the beautiful mountains there. Mussoorie Mall Road is just above the Mussoorie bus stop and the hotel was already booked. Our hotel was located just 5 minutes from Mussoorie Mall Road. The name of the hotel is Hotel Payoneer and the hotel is also very nice and the hotel staff was very helpful. Mussoorie has all kinds of food and the most famous dishes include Chola Kulcha, Raburi Jalebi, and famous sweets.

I would like to give you a hint here, many travel agencies in Mussoorie offer complete tours of Mussoorie in packages of several thousand rupees per person. But if you are two people, I recommend renting a scooter or bike there and going around Mussoorie on this bike. very convenient. There you can rent scooters for 600 rupees and bicycles for 800 rupees.

Mussoorie Temperature & weather

SeasonMin/ Max TemperatureWeatherOctober – February4 – 30°CCold, with medium snowfallMarch – June11 – 36°CCold to hotJuly – September21 – 32°CCold, with heavy rainfall

March to June is the best time to visit Mussoorie for leisurely sightseeing and enjoying the spring, flowers, and cool summer. Ride the cable car up Gun Hill for mesmerizing views of the surrounding Himalayas.

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