Top 10 Places To Visit In Udaipur

Top 10 Places To Visit In Udaipur in 2023

Udaipur, also known as the City of Lakes, is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Rajasthan. Udaipur is surrounded by the Aravalli Hills on all sides with a beautiful lake at its centre. Known for its azure lakes, magnificent palaces, vibrant culture, and delicious food. Not only is it a must-see place, but it is also one of the best places to experience luxury in India. In this article, we have listed the Top 10 Places To Visit In Udaipur.

A boat ride across the sparkling Lake Pichola is one of the most scenic highlights of your trip to Udaipur. It is also called “Oriental Venice”.

Lake Pichola, Jaisamand Lake, City Palace, Monsoon Palace, Jagmandir, Fateh Sagar Lake, Jagdish Temple, and Sahelyon ki Bari are some of the most popular attractions in Udaipur.

Top 10 Places To Visit In Udaipur

Lake ​​palace

The beautiful Lake Palace on Lake Pichola is a major tourist attraction in Udaipur Known as one of the world’s most luxurious and romantic hotels, the Lake Palace (formerly known as Jag Niwas) is one of Udaipur’s top attractions. One of the best places to visit at night in Udaipur. The Taj Group has taken over the palaces, carefully restoring and preserving the heritage of these most enchanting resorts. is one of the Top 10 Places To Visit In Udaipur.

Located on the shores of the famous Lake Pichola, Taj Lake Palace is one of the best honeymoon hotels in Udaipur. Builder: Maharana Jagat Singh II

Year built: 1743

Location: Pichola, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Ideal duration: 1-2 hours

Opening hours: 10 am to 6 pm

Fee: 500 rupees

City ​​palace

City Palace

Located on the shores of Lake Pichola, the City Palace of Udaipur is one of Udaipur’s most romantic and popular spots for couples. The architecture of the palace is magnificent and a testament to the Rajput dynasty. Known for its rich history, the palace remains the benchmark for many structures to this day. Udaipur he one of the best places to visit in one day.

Builder: Maharajah Sawai Jai Singh II

Year built: 1727

Location: Tulsi Marg, Gangori Bazaar, J.D.A. Market, Pink City, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302002

Ideal duration: 2-3 hours

Business hours: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Fees: Adult 30 INR, Child 15 INR, Camera 200 INR

Jag mandir

Jag mandir

Jag Mandir is located in the middle of the famous Lake Pichola.

Built on an island in Lake Pichola, Jag Mandir Palace is known for its beautiful interiors and magnificent architecture. Intricate carvings in marble are the main attractions of this place, along with the majestic view of the lake from the palace. Jag Mandir is famous for its quiet boat rides and quiet temples and is definitely one of the best places to visit in your 4 days in Udaipur.

Builder: Maharana Karan Singh II

Year built: the 17th century

Location: Pichola, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Opening hours: 9 am to 7 pm

Ideal duration: 1-2 hours

Fee: 325 INR per adult, 165 INR per child (includes 1-hour boat ride)

For contact details visit

Monsoon Palace

Formerly known as Sajangarh Palace, this royal structure is a palatial mansion perched on a hill. It was built by Maharana Sajan Singh of the Mewar dynasty. This fortress was essentially built to watch the passing monsoon clouds. It promises panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and the setting sun in the distance due to these features this palace lies between Top 10 Places To Visit In Udaipur.

Producer: Maharan Sajan Singh

Year built: 1884

Ahar cenotaphs

Ahar is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Udaipur because of its archaeological importance. It served as the main royal burial ground. The monument also houses the Archaeological Museum, which houses a fascinating collection of rare monuments dating back to the 10th century. It attracts many people as a tourist destination due to its historical importance and the charm of evergreen ruins.

Producer: Maharana Uday Singh

Built: 15th century

Location: Ayyad Road, Ayad, Ganapati Nagar, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Bagore Ki Haveli

Bagore Ki Haveli is one of Udaipur’s oldest and most popular places to visit

 Bagoreki haveli is one of the oldest haveli located near Lake Pichola. Here you will find one of the most popular galleries showcasing Rajputan heritage and history. Known for its ancient ruins, Haveli is particularly famous for being home to the world’s largest turban. Make the most of your stay in one of the most interesting places in Udaipur.

Years Built: 1751 AD to 1778 AD

Location: Ganga Ghat Marg, Hotel Ganga Palace, Silawatwari, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Business hours: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Ideal duration: 2 hours

Fee: 60 rupees for residents, 100 rupees for foreigners

Hours: 10 am-4:30 pm Ideal duration: 2 hours

Fee: Cover charge of INR 3 per person

Bhartiya Lok Kala Museum

 The Bhartiya Lok Kala Museum is a folk museum that showcases the rich folk art of Rajasthan, including turbans, dolls, masks, and paintings. If you’re an art buff and want to learn more about Udaipur’s heritage, this museum is a must-see, even if it’s on the list of places to visit in Udaipur for two days. In addition, there are regular puppet shows and cultural performances by local and visiting artists. He is one of the most famous places in Udaipur.

Builder: Bhatiya Lok Kala Mandal

Location: Near Bhatiya Rock Kala Mandir, Chetak Sir, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Hours of operation: 9 am to 6 pm Ideal duration: 2 hours

Fee: INR 20 for Indians, INR 35 for foreigners

vintage car museum

 Do you like vintage cars? Don’t forget to visit this vintage car museum during your stay in Udaipur. It’s the perfect day trip for those who love to appreciate the beauty of antique historic cars. This museum opened in hi00 and people visit this place to learn the history of these beautiful cars. This is one of the best places to visit Udaipur in 2 days.

Producer: Pranral Bogilar

Location: Gulab Bagh Road, near The Garden Hotel, Old City, Shakti Nagar, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Hours: Open daily (9 am to 9 pm)

Ideal duration: 1 hour

Fare: INR 250 (Adult), INR 150 (Child)

Location: 11 Monsoon Colony, Sajan Garh Road, Near Mewar Garh Hotel, Eclavia Colony, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Hours: Open daily (8 am to 6 pm)

Ideal duration: 2-3 hours

Fee: 10 INR for Indians, 80 INR for foreigners

Karni Mata Temple

 One of the best (and craziest) things to do in Udaipur is to visit the Karni Mata Temple. Karni Mata is a temple dedicated to the Hindu goddess Karni Mata in the Machala-Magura Hills of Udaipur. Located in Udaipur, this temple attracts people from all over the world looking for fun in and around Udaipur.

Builder: Maharaja Ganga Singh

Year of construction: 15th to 20th century

Location: NH 89, Deshnok, Rajasthan 334801

Opening hours: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

Ideal duration: 1 hour

For free.

Jawahar Nagar

Riding the cable car has become a popular tourist activity for visitors to Udaipur as it adds to the appeal of the lake city with thrills and stunning views. Tickets are affordable, the scenery is beautiful, and the experience is picturesque. Visit Jawahar Nagar and enjoy the cable car ride with friends and family.

Opening hours: 9 am to 5 pm

Location: Kanzipia, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Ideal duration: 2-3 hours

Fee: INR 80/- per person, round trip

 Other Places To Visit In Udaipur:

Jagat Niwas

Jagat Niwas Palace is a historic residence in Udaipur that offers a comfortable stay. This excellent accommodation is a must to learn more about Rajasthani culture and values. This magnificent palace offers different types of rooms and you can enjoy a delicious breakfast during your stay.

Builder: Maharana Jagat Singh II

Years built: 1743 and 1746

Location: 23-25 ​​Behind Jagdish Temple, Lal Ghat Road, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Ideal duration: 2-3 days

Opening hours: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

Fee: 500 INR per person

Hathi Pol Bazaar

Cities in Rajasthan often offer a wide range of options for shoppers. If you’re looking for fun things to do in Udaipur, look no further than Hati Pol Bazaar. The market is full of souvenirs, paintings, and handicrafts, and bargaining is possible if you’re looking for a bargain. He is one of the best places to shop in Udaipur.

Business hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Location: G N P * LACE (Girdhar Das Nathu Lal Parikh) 179, Bada Bazar, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Cost: NA

Ideal duration: 2 hours

Ambrai Amet Haveli

With a beautiful view of Ambrai Ghat and Lake Pichola, this restaurant is a great rooftop restaurant in Udaipur where you can relax with your friends or your lover. A high pillow mattress and a low table provide the perfect spot for sketching, reading, and other recreational activities. Guests especially appreciate the atmosphere of the restaurant. Ambry Amed Haveli is a must-see for travelers who want to see Udaipur’s sights in 3 days.

Producer: Maharana Jagat Singh Ji

Built: 1734-1752 AD

Location: Hanuman Ghat Road, Outside Chandpole, Ambamata, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Business hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Ideal duration: 2 hours

Price: 900 rupees for two people.

Kabab Mistri

Kabab Mistri is a fine dining restaurant specializing in North Indian and Mughlai cuisine, especially kebabs, curries, and Middle Eastern cuisine. This place is located in Fateh Sagar with beautiful views of Aravalli Hills and Lake Pichola, having dinner here with someone special is probably one of the most romantic things to do in Udaipur. Live ghazals add a special touch to the atmosphere of Kabab Mistri. We have two of his large lush lawns for parties.

Creator: Chef Vimal Dar

Location: Gokul Grande, Kabab Mistri, GG Residency, 173-174 Road, Goverdhan Villas, Devali, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Business hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Ideal duration: 1-2 hours.

Raas Leela

Raas Leela is located near the lake and offers panoramic views. It specializes in North Indian, Chinese, Continental, and Rajasthani cuisine. Besides delicious local Rajasthani food, the restaurant has a lively atmosphere and is reasonably priced. Visitors find the service and atmosphere to be a great asset to the restaurant.

Location: Sony Ji ki Bari, Adjacent to The Leela, Outside Chandpole, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Business hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Ideal duration: 1-2 hours

Price: INR 750 for two people.

Places To Visit In Udaipur In Two Days

Breakfast at Jheel’s

Zeal’s Ginger Coffee Bar & Bakery is a rooftop café with views and a great spot for breakfast. You can order coffee, tea, sandwiches, and other veggie dishes at reasonable prices. The cafe is famous for its paneer tikka sandwich. It’s an all-veg cafe.

Location: Ganga Ghat Road

Average price: 350 rupees for two people.

Jagdish temple

 The Jagdish Temple is a few minutes walk from the cafe and will be your first stop. A huge Indo-Aryan-style temple. Stunning wall and pillar carvings create a peaceful morning atmosphere that will lift your spirits.

Numerous ornate shrines, ceiling paintings, and Garuda statues are the highlights of this temple. Photography is prohibited inside the temple.

Location: Silawat Wadi.

Street shopping in Hathipol

 The best street in Udaipur His shopping bazaar is lined with colorful shops selling just, kurta, bandhani, handicrafts, spices, souvenirs, tribal jewelry, sarees, fabrics, fine traditional clothing, etc.. Avoid the nighttime hustle and bustle and shop during the day for great bargains.

Location: Chamampura

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